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Fantassia's Campout '98

Fantassia's RT Adventure Party
Image Designed By Some Of Our Very Own Chatters:
KOTCHKA, Dexter, and SASHA. *smile*
© Copyright 1997 - 1998

     Yup, you read that right! *grin* There is going to be a Campout Chat Weekend....July 10th, 11th, and Anais and Tieron's home in deepest, darkest South Ontario, Canada!!!!!!  Please be sure to bring everything you would need for a camping weekend such as your own tent, sleeping bag and food!!!!!!  And don't forget to bring your bathing suit and your own choice of drinks (It is a BYOB party!)....and then be ready to party!!!

     Everyone interested and planning to attend are asked to contact Anais at so that we can plan on you being there for the fun weekend we will have. *smile* Anais will be e-mailing directions out to those planning on attending the campout later at the appropriate time.

     And if you are not too fond of camping out but would still like to attend the Campout Chat Weekend, you can always make arrangements at one of the local hotels/motels or at a bed and breakfast place in the area by clicking on one of the links below.....

Click Here for Hotel and Motel Information
~ OR ~
Click Here for Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

So get your room(s) booked NOW!!!!!!!!!
Or come prepared for camping out with us at Anais and Tieron's place!!!!

Curious to know who will be there????
Click HERE to find out the answer to that question!!!! *warm smile*

Click here to find out where Simcoe, Ontario, Canada is at!!!!

Want to see pictures from Fantassia's RT Party in May 1998????
Please click HERE to see the party pictures!!!! *grin*

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This image is well worth loading at least once. *smile*
Image Designed By Some Of Our Very Own Chatters:
KOTCHKA, Dexter, and SASHA. *smile*
© Copyright 1997 - 1998

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Cinnaminn created this page on 2 June 1998! *grin*
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